The Story

The magic of nature's own bounty has long been understood by the cultures of the East.

For centuries – beautiful natural occurring stones and material have been celebrated for the abilities to transmit and focus energies that bring out the best in us.

From love, tranquility, peace, luck fortune through to virility, energy and focus – different stones are composed and fused naturally to amplify natural frequencies that enhance desired effects.

While the science is not always clear – and for some debatable – those who know, know and for those who don't – well they aren't reading this right now.

At Shriya – we bring together the splendor of natural occurring stones together with beautifully organic jewellery styles to create a range that is profound, mystical, elegant, timeless and personal.

Each piece is handmade – with care – and by artisans who understand and appreciate the delicate balance of using nature's materials in the best way possible.

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